Clever packaging – safe and sustainable!

When you buy at the butcher’s, your fresh meat and sausage products are quickly wrapped and packed in a plastic bag, and off they go into your pot or refrigerator at home. Things are different at the supermarket cooling shelf, where every portion needs to be neatly, hygienically packaged. It’s about more than just the good optics: What matters here is shelf life, where the legal specifications are very strict.

If packaging is to meet all these requirements and satisfy consumers’ demands for convenience, there is no getting around the use of plastic. And this is where an aspect comes into play that is extremely important to many consumers today: Sustainability – in other words, reducing plastic waste. And here’s where things get complex.

There are many ways to maximize the sustainability of meat and sausage packaging, take plastic reduction, for example. The Family Butchers is already saving literal tons of plastics through a variety of measures. Another way to increase sustainability is to improve the recyclability of packaging materials, with the development of mono-materials playing a central role. Here too, The Family Butchers is already ahead of the game.

How interwoven, complicated, time consuming, and costly all these measures are and the hurdles that have to be overcome to ensure a functioning recycling cycle: Our competent panel dives into these topics in a new episode of TFB talk.

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