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Megatrend “snackification”

We’ve all been known to enjoy a quick snack between meals. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savory. Often on the go. More than ever before, snacking has become a part of our daily diet. But the simple snack is a thing of the past – today a new megatrend is on the rise: Snackification!

More mobile, more flexible, more critical – today’s consumers have evolving expectations. Among them is the demand for the right snacks. Other trends such as veganism, superfruits, and zero waste also play a major role today in the snacks we eat and how they look. 

The megatrend of snackification also has a huge impact on the traditional three-meal model of nutrition, sometimes upending it completely. But at the same time, snack products themselves have also found their way onto the table at mealtime. It’s a market with incredible potential – especially when it comes to savory, high-protein products! 

Join us for a new episode of TFB talk, where we discuss this megatrend and more with trade journalist and co-author of the annual Snack Barometer, Eva Haegelen, and Head of Marketing at The Family Butches, Philipp Nahrmann. 

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