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Reinert HerzensSACHE awarded “Premium” for humane farming


In order to help consumers make animal-friendly choices at the supermarket cooling shelf, meat products in Germany have employed four-level farming system labeling since 2019. By awarding products a level of 1 to 4, consumers enjoy greater transparency as to how humanely the animals were farmed. Starting July 1st, the labeling system, championed by animal rights group Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Tierwohls in der Nutztierhaltung mbH, will also be used for processed goods such as sausage products. We at The Family Butchers are proud to announce the following for our brand Reinert HerzensSACHE.

Reinert HerzensSACHE has been awarded level 4 “Premium” for humane farming!

Indeed, TFB’s brand Reinert HerzensSACHE even overfulfills the requirements for level 4 in some areas: With 100% antibiotics-free rearing and the “Reinerts Genuss-Genossenschaft” regional farming consortium, TFB’s premium brand goes above and beyond the system’s highest grade.

By the end of July, consumers will find the farming label on all participating merchants’ packaging. We are thrilled about this development and are pleased to offer our customers even more transparency!

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