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Reinert Herzens­SACHE

Where does our sausage come from? How is it made? What's in it? More and more consumers are asking critical questions when it comes to sausage and ham.

Our thoughts: Sausage and ham always need new concepts to meet the demands of modern eating habits. And as a pioneer, we are once again leading the way. In 2018, we developed Reinert HerzensSACHE with the aspiration of producing Germany's first sausage made from 100 percent antibiotic-free farming methods. Now we are continuing to develop our brand and its concept even further.

You can continue to rely on the quality of Reinert HerzensSACHE. At the same time, we are expanding the topics of animal welfare and regional focus. As members of "Reinerts Genuss-Genossenschaft", our farmers from North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony work hand in hand with us as sausage manufacturers as well as with the slaughterhouse Brand Qualitätsfleisch. The rearing of our pigs takes place in animal welfare-friendly open pens and naturally remains 100 percent antibiotic-free. The result is a new generation of sausage for discerning and responsible consumers. A sausage with a future!

And Reinert HerzensSACHE offers these products in many delicious varieties. Let's head on over to the assortment.

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