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TFB Romania: Opportunity and challenge

Romania, one of the newest EU members, is still a blank slate to many. But not The Family Butchers. The first international TFB location was opened in the Romanian city of Braşov in 2005. Since 2007, one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art plants with a workforce of some 180 employees has been producing a wide range of pork, poultry, and beef products in TFB premium quality there.

Almost all the typically Romanian specialties produced here are destined for the local market. Our most popular product is Sibiu Salami, a traditional Romanian sausage specialty. A staggering 10 million euros are currently being invested in the Braşov plant to double the production capacity of this bestseller salami. 

It’s an exciting story that we look at from many sides in the latest episode of TFB talk. Why Romania? What are the economic goals? What is the outlook? How do we adapt to the different societal and economic standards? These are the topics of the day for Maxi Sarwas and her guests, InFamily Foods partner, Hans-Ewald Reinert; Roland Verdev, one of the CEOs of The Family Butchers; and the General Manager of TFB Romania, Florenta Dobrin. And some toothsome Romanian meat and sausage specialties are also on the menu! All in all, an exciting foray into unknown territory, full of interesting facts and tasty surprises!

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