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The green vision of the company's history

A plant-based butcher? At the InFamily Foods-Group, that is becoming a reality with The Plantly Butchers. Devoted to delicious alternatives made of plant-based proteins, the group’s second company pillar clearly contrasts with TFB’s traditional meat and sausage segment.

In episode 9 of TFB talk, we take a look behind the scenes and visit the dedicated team at our Osnabrück site. We talk about the prospects of new products and brands in one of the fastest growing and most innovative markets in the food industry. And we also learn how new, creative product ideas come about. Of course, we also find out what The Plantly Butchers can learn from The Family Butchers’ decades of experience and technical know-how in the traditional butcher’s trade.

Viewers will also be treated to a first glimpse of what The Plantly Butchers will be offering in cooling shelves across Germany with its Billie Green consumer brand.  
Don’t miss this thrilling episode full of exciting future prospects.


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