The group’s green vision: Part II

Revolution at the cooling shelf: The meat and sausage market in Germany is undergoing a fundamental shift. Alternative products made from plant-based proteins have long since become part of our ordinary diet. And the market is growing at double-digit rates!

The innovators behind The Plantly Butchers, the vegetarian/vegan branch of the InFamily Foods group, are convinced that this is far from the end of the line. The segment is still wide open for more quality, more variety, and more creativity. And they plan to make the most of it. To this end, they have brought an expert on board who spent the last 25 years helping their competitor Rügenwalder with its own transformation: Godo Röben.

Along with the young, highly motivated team at The Plantly Butchers, Röben plans to employ his expertise and all the advantages of a corporate start-up to rethink the entire protein segment. Old habits and even settled wisdom will be questioned, products and consumer needs put to the test.

How it feels to operate like a start-up from within a traditional company, what market opportunities this offers, and what The Plantly Butchers will do next, all this and more is on the table – now, in a new episode of TFB talk.


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