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The Plantly Butchers introduces: Billie Green

Our sister company, The Plantly Butchers (TPB), is poised to launch the first vegan products from TPB’s Billie Green brand. As a joint member of the InFamily Foods group, we are looking forward to the market launch.

Vegan sausage has long been a standard in today’s market. But when The Plantly Butchers leverages the combined power of several generations of butcher’s expertise, the result is a treat that even die-hard sausage and ham fans won’t be able to resist.

In a new episode of TFB talk, TPB CEO Sven Wieken and Hans-Ewald Reinert introduce the new Billie Green brand. 100% plant-based, 100% delicious – this sums up the result. Inspired by animal-based mainstays, the TFB innovators have succeeded in producing a product range that will have no trouble keeping up with the originals. Innovations are a must: Custom smoking techniques, the first plant-based salami to mature in one cloth casing, or the first vegan bacon strips that are practically identical in taste to real bacon – TFB has set itself lofty goals.

Joining us in the studio are Zora Klipp, professional chef and café operator, and Daniel Anthes, author and self-proclaimed “sustainability ninja”, two dyed-in-the-wool food and sustainability experts who want to see the quality of the products for themselves. 

What they think, what consumers say about vegan salami, bacon, and other vegan products, and how The Plantly Butchers team manages to use only all-natural ingredients for Billie Green – discover all this and more in a new episode of TFB talk.

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