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The strength of family!


We take responsibility for providing a wide range of valuable proteins. We are convinced that the variety of protein products will be essential for the nutrition of the future.

We want to be the most efficient supplier of meat and plant-based products. That is our vision.

Thanks to our many years of expertise and our constantly growing range, we see ourselves as a solution provider for the challenges of our time. Our high-quality and popular products from The Family Butchers have made us Germany's second largest sausage manufacturer. We are not satisfied with this, but are driving our product portfolio forward in all areas and strive to place a special focus on new reasons for food consumption, sustainability and higher animal welfare standards in order to establish new benchmarks in the field of sausage and ham production. As an important part of the InFamily Foods-Group, people and their needs are always at the center of our work. A deep understanding of consumer needs and innovation leadership in our product range make us a driving force in the sector and an important partner for industry and trade. Our constant striving for improvement and compliance with demanding environmental and social standards characterize our daily actions and give our employees security. This is how we achieve our mission: Best Proteins For You.

Kemper & Reinert – the foundation of a powerful family! 

It takes greatness and courage to play a decisive role in shaping a market. But each alone is not enough. It's a question of skill: creative ideas and technical know-how. Bringing together two companies as different as Kemper and Reinert was the logical consequence for us.

It takes greatness and courage to play a decisive role in shaping a market. But each alone is not enough. It's a question of skill: creative ideas and technical know-how. Bringing together two companies as different as Kemper and Reinert was the logical consequence for us.

Brand savvy sausage innovators meet product specialists and traditional craftsmen. As Kemper and Reinert, we are well-known and reliable players in the market, as well as family-owned and operated with the same values we’ve shared for generations. For years, we’ve always been grappling with the same questions: what will consumers want in the future? How can we produce our products more sustainably? How do we create more added value and appreciation for the entire value chain in the sausage and ham market?

We have both drawn the same conclusion from the global developments and crises in the meat and sausage markets: Only together can we meet the challenges. As a family. Because that is our unifying, entrepreneurial spirit. This is the attitude of The Family Butchers.

We believe in the solid foundation of entrepreneurial traditions and in the inspiring power of trust-based cooperation. We are and remain passionate butchers and dedicate our craftsmanship to contemporary and forward-looking sausage enjoyment.

Founders of the TFB Family

Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl

In 2011, Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl joined his parents' company H. Kemper GmbH & Co. KG in Nortrup as assistant to the management, which he has managed as managing director since 2015. Since January 2020, Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl, together with Hans-Ewald Reinert, has been the owners of the company "InFamily Foods Holding" (previously The Family Butchers Holding), which was created as a result of the merge with Reinert.

Hans-Ewald Reinert

2001 to 2019, Hans-Ewald Reinert was Chairman of the Management Board of H. & E. Reinert Westfälische Privat-Fleischerei GmbH. Since January 2020, Hans-Ewald Reinert and Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl have been the owners of InFamily Foods Holding (previously The Family Butchers Holding), the company created by the merge with Kemper, making it Germany's second-largest manufacturer of sausage and ham products.

The current InFamily Foods Holding-Group is divided into three different divisions: The Family Butchers (animal protein products), The Plantly Butchers (plant-based protein products) and The Cultivated B (alternative protein sources). The InFamily Foods-Group is setting the course for its transformation from meat producer to protein specialist.

Annual revenue
720 Mio. €
Goods produced
660 Mio.

Our objective 

Inspire through food. 

Our mission 

Best Proteins For You. 

Our vision 

The Family Butchers becomes the most efficient supplier of meat and plant-based products. 

Our values 

Business Spirit. Empathy. Operational Excellence.


Corporate governance statement - the female representation ratio

In accordance with Section 289f (4) HGB, The Family Butchers Germany has set the following target for the ratio of female members on the Management Board and at management levels 1 and 2, which should be achieved by December 31, 2028:

The percentage of female members at management levels 1 and 2 below the Management Board of currently 12% (five female employees out of a total of 42 employees at management levels 1 and 2) should be increased to 15% by December 31, 2028.

The Family Butchers Germany GmbH and companies belonging to the group of companies see the promotion of diversity, equal opportunities and equal rights as an important task and will work continuously to ensure this and increase the percentage of female employees in management positions. TFB is convinced that diverse teams represent an opportunity for innovation and increased productivity. Fair and respectful cooperation is essential.