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All About Sausage: Makers, People, Opinions!

Critical topics, controversial opinions, and interesting insights behind the scenes: The meat and sausage market in Germany is complex – we take the time to get you up to speed and take you behind the scenes. The TFB talk – on all things sausage: the makers, the people and the opinions!

Best of TFB talk!

Show 18 of TFB talk – Our best of from two years TFB talk. The conclusion of season 2, now over 6.8 million views, thousands of likes and lots of positive feedback! It's time for a recap at all the guests and highlights around meat products, vegan substitutes, consumer habits, retail, butchery, food trends and much more. Maxi Sarwas and the two CEOs of the InFamily Foods-Group, Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl and Hans-Ewald Reinert, also had two experts give them an idea on the development of meat and plant-based protein sources for the coming year. Finally, a big thank you to everyone!

Protein Power

Show 17 of TFB talk is all about proteins. As "building blocks of life" and energy suppliers, proteins are an indispensable part of our daily diet. But what about sources of protein? While animal protein has a high biological value, plant-based protein sources are on the rise. Where is the key to a balanced diet? And: How are The Family Butchers prepared for the future with their mission "Best Proteins For You"

Next big thing: Snackification

Snackification is the topic of show 16. More and more, the traditional three meals a day are giving way to a variety of small snacks - a kind of mini-meals. In the context of the current mega food trends, such as health, sustainability or premium, this results in a multi-layered picture of the market. Who snacks what and why? How do The Family Butchers see their role in this growth market in the future?

The Plantly Butchers: Our brand Billie Green

Our subsidiary The Plantly Butchers (TPB) introduces the products of the new brand Billie Green. 100 % plant-based, 100 % delicious. Fully in line with the trend of a worldwide movement that has arrived in the middle of society. Proud creators Sven Wieken, CEO of The Plantly Butchers, and Hans-Ewald Reinert, CEO of InFamily Foods-Group explain how they developed the vegan products.

Intelligent packaging: Sustainability in every microgram

Packaging. Why is plastic indispensable at the moment? But above all else: What is the InFamily Foods-Group doing to relieve the environment in this area in the long term? What is already being implemented in concrete terms and what options are on the way? A topic with many aspects - from research to regulations, from innovations to investments.

Desire for sausage

BBQ is becoming more and more popular! And one thing must not be missing on the barbecue: a good sausage. In a new TFB Talk show, the experts from The Family Butchers reveal what goes into making it, how sophisticated this supposedly simple grilled specialty is, and how you can impress again with such a classic product.

The Plantly Butchers: Next Steps

"Startup" - a term that immediately conjures up an image in everyone's mind. Young. Unconventional. Small. Idealists with a mission. Most of these points also apply to The Plantly Butchers. The crucial difference: TPB is a corporate startup of the InFamily Foods-Group, part of the second-largest player in the German meat and sausage market.

TFB Romania

Romania - a country that many of us don't know very much about. But it is exactly there, in one of the youngest EU members, that The Family Butchers are very intensively involved. And they have been for a long time. What were the reasons for this? What are the goals? And what are the prospects for this international TFB location?

From a family business to an international company

What changes when you transform from a local business to a big player? Perhaps the entire industry! At least, when a company as ambitious as The Family Butchers positions itself as a holding company that aims to provide high-quality food for generations to come. Quite an upheaval. How can one successfully master this shift? And how can you live up to your own expectations?

Our green vision of the butcher

From traditional butcher to plant-based pioneer? The TFB Group (InFamily Foods) is not the first traditional meat industry company to turn plant-based proteins into pleasure. But certainly one of the most ambitious. With The Plantly Butchers (TPB), an own company pillar was created within its own structure.

The future of the butcher

What is the importance of craftsmanship even in a large, highly automated company like The Family Butchers and what does the next generation think about the prospects of this job.

What are the insights into everyday working life and what are the opinions of consumers about what they expect from their butchers?

Quality as corporate DNA

Products and processes at the highest level. What does The Family Butchers do to ensure that food safety and quality are not just empty words? A behind-the-scenes look at hygiene and quality standards and TFB's experts explain how they maintain and guarantee the company's high standards.

Sausage at the service counter

The sausage and ham service counter ranks second in terms of consumer appeal in the supermarket in Germany. What do customers look for at the service counter that they can't find on the self-service shelves? How do they shop? And what does retail itself have to say about this point of sale?

Sausage in the age of flexitarians

What do consumers eat when their taste for meat is satisfied? How does the TFB-Group meet the customers in the question of less meat, what concepts are there in the company to be able to continue to offer critical consumers high-quality products and who is actually Billie Green?

More than a Child’s Game?

Reinert Bears: From a breakfast idea to a Europe-wide success story. Why the sausage market needs brands for children as well.

Problem Zone POS?

98% customer reach, but little appreciation. How price and presentation at the POS influence the perception of sausage and what needs to be improved.

The Sausage of the Future?

Raised 100 % antibiotic-free, with concern for the welfare of our animals, and regionally produced: the new generation of sausage from Reinert HerzensSACHE.

Sausage at any Price?

A return to greater appreciation and value creation. Assessment and opportunities for the German sausage market.