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The Strength of Family

It takes greatness and courage to play a decisive role in shaping a market. But each alone is not enough. It's a question of skill: creative ideas and technical know-how. Bringing together two companies as different as Kemper and Reinert was the logical consequence for us.

Brand savvy sausage innovators meet product specialists and traditional craftsmen. As Kemper and Reinert, we are well-known and reliable players in the market, as well as family-owned and operated with the same values we’ve shared for generations. For years, we’ve always been grappling with the same questions: what will consumers want in the future? How can we produce our products more sustainably? How do we create more added value and appreciation for the entire value chain in the sausage and ham market?

We have both drawn the same conclusion from the global developments and crises in the meat and sausage markets: Only together can we meet the challenges. As a family. Because that is our unifying, entrepreneurial spirit. This is the attitude of The Family Butchers.

We believe in the solid foundation of entrepreneurial traditions and in the inspiring power of trust-based cooperation. We are and remain passionate butchers and dedicate our craftsmanship to contemporary and forward-looking sausage enjoyment.

The Maker

Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl

Doctor of Food Technology. My great-grandfather Hermann Kemper invented the Transrapid. I have been fascinated by technology since I was a kid, and I also use this knowledge for our Kemper family business, for which I am a fifth-generation manager. 

Hans-Ewald Reinert

Trained as a butcher and studied business administration. Managing director of Reinert since 2001. I’ve got a creative mind with a desire for ever new ideas in the sausage and ham market. Switching to sustainable production is quite literally a matter that's close to my heart.

Ambitious goals require an ambitious and motivated team. The two founders are supported by their managers - and of course by all 2,400 employees of the TFB family. 

TFB Holding

Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Hans-Ewald Reinert
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Ralf Schlangenotto
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

TFB Classic

Roland Verdev
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Thomas Winnemöller
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Stefan Franzke
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Annual revenue
720 Mio. €
More than
660 Mio.