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A smile for breakfast

From a mascot to one of Germany’s most familiar brands: For 20 years, TFB’s Reinert Bärchen brand has enjoyed popularity among small and no-longer-quite-so-small friends of breakfast meats. Hans-Ewald Reinert created the sausage depicting the bear with the friendly smile for his own children to encourage them to tuck in at breakfast.

Initially sneered at, today Reinert Bärchen comes in a wide variety of forms, as spread or as cold cuts. Reinert Bärchen Sausage can even be found at the supermarket service counter. That’s ample evidence for a well-made sausage that doesn’t need to hide in the self-service section. Lower in fat than comparable products, with no artificial aromas or colors, naturally free of lactose.

And by the way, what may seem like child’s play—Bärchen’s recognizable shape—is a master stroke of technical prowess in production. Learn more about it and about the future of TFB’s Reinert Bärchen brand from Hans-Ewald Reinert himself in another edition of TFB talk.

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