Versmold goes Hollywood? Not quite! But as an ambitious company seeking to rethink an entire industry, we have quite a lot to say. In fact, we have so much to say that it was worth our while to build our own film and content studio on our factory premises.

Our new studio is already being put to use to make new episodes of our highly successful show TFB talk under the leadership of Niklas Bent, Head of Digital and Corporate Communications, and Video Producer Richard Krätzig. From the first episode, the show has garnered a great deal of attention and appreciation – and not only among experts. Encouraged by its success, we are regularly producing new episodes of the show featuring live interviews with fascinating guests and topical clips. Entertaining and modern content that you just have to see.

Besides TFB talk, our studio will also be a space for creative approaches in a wide variety of company topics and tasks – from internal communication and virtual conferences with business partners to content development for our various brand website and social media channels. So tune in, it will be worth it! What’s that they’re saying now? “Attention, the camera is rolling in the TFB CONTENT STUDIOS.”

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