025 Unsere Ambitionen TFB talk - Sendung 6 Desktop

How about a little bit more?

Friendly prompts like this always call to mind the traditional service counter – today more than ever, a successful point of sale for meat and sausage. In the food retail market, meats currently take second place on the consumer popularity scale, just after fruits and vegetables.

What makes the service counter so attractive to consumers? And how does it complement what’s on offer in the self-service counter and prepackaged shelf? In the latest episode of TFB talk, we get to the bottom of these questions. Join us as we visit one of Germany’s top service counters and take a closer look at the assortment of sausage and ham in TFB’s Reinert Theke brand. After all, it’s not an accident that this segment gets its own brand in the TFB universe.

Spoiler alert: Selection, quality, and inspiration are crucial keys to success. When it comes to food products, presentation is more important than ever. And the feeling of shopping at a traditional butcher is central to success. TFB has also given intense thought on how to even approach shoppers who usually avoid the service counter in the future. Don’t miss the episode!

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