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The best place for sausage and ham?

Overwhelming variety, butcher’s atmosphere at the counter, hot deals or junk: There is room for improvement at the POS when it comes to sausage and ham. But with 98% customer reach, the meats product range is and remains the no. 1 in the food retail market.

That is reason enough to take a close look at conditions at the POS and to ask how the POS of the future should look. Why are there three stations today – the self-service and prepackaged shelves in addition to the service counter? Who buys what products and why? And will there be as much sausage and ham in the food retail market tomorrow as there is today?

Join us for a new episode of TFB talk, where we take a closer look at everything on site and talk with experts about the perfect presentation and placement for sausage and ham. It will be worth your time, especially if you want to be a successful vendor of the meat product range.

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