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The Changing State of the Sausage Industry

Large quantities for small prices: Our mass consumption of sausage and ham has led to a growing indifference to the valuable product. Always available. Cheap. Mass-produced goods whose added value is continuously declining for most market participants.

What is the way out of this sausage dilemma? Perhaps we should take a look into the meat department. A new culture of enjoyment has long since taken hold here. "Dry-aged", regional, sustainable, etc., are the words found on the lips of discerning consumers. And they are the currency for product appreciation. Something that we think would also be good for the sausage and ham industry.

Regional manufacturers already offer sustainable sausage and ham products. It's time for national brands with a wide range of products on the self-service shelf to present consumers with new added-value concepts. That way, we can all give this industry the importance it deserves.

One step along this path is Reinert HerzensSACHE. More about the changing state of the sausage industry can be found here.

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