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The next step: The butcher of the future

What will be on our plate when we’re no longer hungry for meat? It’s an exciting question – especially for Germany’s second-largest sausage maker. Today, sausage and meat are still popular foods, but change is in the air.

The Family Butchers’ large-scale “It’s all about sausage” study showed that meat consumption is on the decline in Germany; indeed, at 57.3 kg per capita in 2020, it has never been so low. Does this spell the imminent end of sausage and ham? Likely not! But with our diets drawing on proteins from increasingly diverse sources, the age of the flexitarians has begun. Consciously opting for meat alternatives, the flexitarian diet favors eating vegetarian or vegan meals a few days a week. The meat consumption is no longer at the center of the flexitarian diet. Flexitarians rarely eat meat, or they eat only select or very little meat.

Having had its eye on this development for some time, the TFB group has a ready answer. With The Plantly Butchers, the group has set a course for the future by launching a product portfolio that serves delicious treats made with plant-based protein.

In the latest episode of TFB talk, we speak with TPB CEO Sven Wieken about the butcher of the future and how The Plantly Butchers plans to help define the market.

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