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Private Labels

Private labels of the Food Retail Trade.

In addition to our own brands, we at The Family Butchers also supply our partners in the food retail trade with creative sausage and ham products. And we make them with the same craftsmanship, care, and passion as our own brand products. But that’s not all.

We are learning more and more about the importance of private labels to consumers. Our "It's all about the sausage" study, for example, has shown us what consumers expect from food retailers' private label products. Today, the focus is on values such as trustworthiness and consuming food that’s locally produced. Therefore, private labels are becoming even more on par with the big manufacturer brands. As traditional butchers with several generations of experience, we can reliably and credibly meet these demands.

As sausage experts with foresight, we at The Family Butchers will continue to work on the further development of sausage and ham products. Our company sees strategy developments as being as much a part of our daily bread as forward-thinking technological solutions. New product ideas are constantly being developed via our product development department on the basis of customer requirements.

Whether manufacturer or private label: At The Family Butchers, hearty, high-quality sausage and ham products are created according to the best butcher's craft, which is why they are simply a must for any refrigerated shelf.