It takes greatness and courage to play a decisive role in shaping a market. But each alone is not enough. It's a question of skill: creative ideas and technical know-how. Bringing together two companies as different as Kemper and Reinert was the logical consequence for us.

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Annual revenue
733 Mio. €
More than
660 Mio.

At The Family Butchers, we are reinventing sausage and ham. We are only able to do this, because we can build upon our long tradition as family-owned butchers.

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Sausage and ham can only be truly enjoyed when you can depend 100 percent on their quality.

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The Family Butchers produce the best sausage and ham specialties at 8 locations.

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Reinert HerzensSACHE

Raised 100% antibiotic-free and with concern for the welfare of our animals, regionally produced by the "Reinerts Genuss-Genossenschaft" in NRW and Lower Saxony!

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Reinert Bärchen

A tasty treat (not only) for children. Reinert Bärchen is one of the most beloved children’s sausage brands in Germany. A real classical showstopper!

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