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The Reinert Brand

Our Reinert Assortment. Creative since 1931.

Almost 90 years ago, the foundation stone was laid in Versmold/Westphalia for the successful family business Privat-Fleischerei Reinert. With a clear vision, a great deal of courage, foresight, and commitment, the company has been continuously reinventing itself ever since.

Germany's first sausage brand originated from the Reinert house: the Reinert Summer Sausage. It was developed according to Hans Reinert's maxim: “never forget where you’re from". This was followed by innovations that have left their mark on the German market and revitalized the service counter and self-service shelves in food retailing – such as with Reinert Chambelle or Reinert Bärchen.

Today, the traditional values of the founding generation continue to shape the company – uncompromising quality, perception, and realization of consumer wishes, development of contemporary product concepts, fair partnership with retailers, and a balanced price/performance ratio.

The new Reinert sausage and ham assortment precisely adheres to these values. Our existing assortment in the self-service counter is now complemented with three additional items. The Reinert assortment will continue to be innovated further as well as supply you with all the types of sausage and ham you love.